A history of Roman Pannonia: New Sources and perspective


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Péter Kovács


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Fritz Mitthof


01.01.2013 – 31.12.2014


M 1424

The archaeology and history of Roman Pannonia have been intensively studied but the written sources concerning the province have never been collected before therefore a new series have been founded, the Fontes Pannoniae Antiquae in order to edit, to translate and to comment these Greek and Latin written sources, inscriptions, coin legend or papyri. Six volumes have been published dealing with the history of Pannonia from the Roman occupation to the age of the tetrarchy. During these works numerous new sources were published that earlier have never been considered from the point of view of the province. First I shall work on the seventh volume of this series dealing with the age of Constantine the Great (306-337 A. D:). I intend to prepare the manuscripts of a Hungarian and a German version too.

Based on the editions of the first volumes and my work on the Marcomannic wars of Marcus Aurelius new conclusions can be drawn on the early history of the province concerning the Roman occupation, the date of the province organization, the municipalisation and the development of the civitates peregrinae). I also wish to deal with a new summary on the relation Pannonia and the Roman world (on the knowledge of the Classical literature on Pannonia) that seems to me also very important (last summary was edited in 1936). I intend to prepare the manuscript of a monograph dealing with the first two centuries of Pannonia in German.

Finally, I shall work as editor (and leader of the project in Hungary) on the completion of the first fascicule of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum III2 Pannonia. This volume will contain the 1813 Latin inscriptions of Aquincum and its territory. The project has begun in 2003. I must finish the entire redactorial work of this volume also in 2013 (the total revision of the preliminary manuscript of the Hungarian team) with Latin prefaces, indices and concordances. If it is necessary I must do all the corrections or minor changes. The language of the volume will be the Latin, After Lőrincz Barnabás' death I must finish alone the final editorial works of the Pannonian milestone volume too (CIL XVII) (planned to be published in 2014).