Teilprojekt S 10809: Police Authorities in Late Antique Egypt | Projektleitung: Sven Tost

The research in this sub-project addresses civil officials concerned with maintaining public order at the lower levels of the pertinent administrative hierarchy in Late Antique Egypt (fourth to eighth centuries AD). Based on an analysis of the (mainly) papyrological evidence for two of the head officials of the local public security forces, the riparii on the one hand and the nyktostrategoi on the other, the project's aim is to study their integration into the broader administrative framework as well as the socio-economic environment. For this purpose, it is essential to examine their communication, collaboration and interaction with judicial and military offices. Furthermore, the research concentrates on the question of whether or to what extent any temporary changes or developments concerning the definition of competences and cooperating instances can be determined. Finally, the crucial question of whether the case study of the Egyptian circumstances represents or reflects the empire's general situation and presumed intention will be analysed with regard to a (supra-)regional as well as diachronic comparison, primarily if not almost exclusively enabled by the structure of the NFN.