Ein herzliches Wilkommen dem Gastforscher Dan Aparaschivei


Wir freuen uns, Dan Aparaschivei als Gast am Institut zu begrüßen!

PhD, Senior researcher -  Institute of Archaeology in Iași of the Romanian Academy

PhD thesis - Genesis and evolution of the Roman cities from the Lower Danube (Ist-IIIrd c. A.D.) (published in 2010)

Postdoctoral researchHealthcare and Medicine in Moesia Inferior province (published in 2012)

General fields of researchingArchaeology and Antique History - Roman and Late Roman period from Lower Danube.

Particular themes - Genesis and evolution of Roman cities; Romanization, acculturation and specific problems; Everyday life in Roman time; Ancient medicine; “Small finds” from Roman and Late Roman period.

Project in progress -  Based on about 500 artefacts from the "small finds" category, we carry out a research on numerous aspects of daily life in one of the most representative fortress of the late Roman province of Scythia – Ibida.

Foto von Dan Aparaschivei

Dan Aparaschivei. Foto: privat