Ein herzliches Wilkommen der Gastforscherin Oriana Pulcrano


Wir freuen uns, Oriana Pulcrano als Gast am Institut zu begrüßen!

MA, PhD student in “Ancient Mediterranean Archaeology and Cultures” at Scuola Superiore Meridionale of Naples.

In her PhD thesis, Oriana studies the Villanovan necropolis of Borgo Panigale-Bologna with an interdisciplinary approach (Supervisors Professor Stephané Verger, Professor Marco Pacciarelli). Analysis of the material culture makes it possible to reconstruct the social aspects and funerary rituals, while isotopic analysis makes it possible to circumscribe the area of origin of the deceased. Her other research interests include the study of the Bronze and Iron Ages and the funerary archeology.

Foto von Oriana Pulcrano

Oriana Pulcrano. Foto: privat