Claire HOLLERAN (University of Exeter)

Mittwoch, 17. November 2021 17:00 (CET)

Mapping Migration in Roman Iberia



This paper will present the findings of a Leverhulme-funded project exploring population movement in the region in (primarily) the first two centuries AD. The funerary monument of Gaius Camilius Paternus, for example, records his origins in Clunia in Tarraconensis, yet he died aged 25 almost 300 km away, at Capera in Lusitania (Hispania Epigraphica 21760), and was commemorated by a neighbourhood association of Clunians (vicinia Cluniensium). Working with a database of over 500 inscriptions, this project maps this and similar inscriptions in order to enable better visualisation and closer analysis of the epigraphic data. This paper will present this important new open-access resource, consisting of a searchable online database and an interactive map of population movement within (and beyond) the Iberian Peninsula, as well as setting out the methodology and some of the benefits and limitations of the approaches taken.

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