Peter THONEMANN (University of Oxford)

10. März 2021 17:00 (CET)

The Demography of Roman Lydia

We have almost a thousand dated epitaphs from the middle Hermosvalley (north-east Lydia) dating between the first and third centuries AD. Almost all of these epitaphs are dated by year, month, and day, and many give the deceased's age at death. The funerary epigraphy of Roman Lydia thus provides us with a magnificentand hitherto under-exploited body of evidence for the demography of the region in the high Roman imperial period: seasonal mortality patterns, age at death, age at marriage, the impact of the Antonine plague, and much more. In this paper, Peter Thonemann will attempt to reconstruct the demographic regime of Roman north-east Lydia, with comparisons and contrasts with other parts of the Roman world.

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