Call for Papers and Posters: MAPPOLA Workshop


‘But is it art? Exploring the aesthetic limits of Roman poetry’, 30 September - 1 October, 2021

The MAPPOLA project investigates the poetic landscapes of the Roman Empire, both in its static, local dimensions and with a view to its dynamics, e. g. caused by forms of mobility and dislocation of individuals and entire groups of people in the ancient world. In order to do our work, and to do it well, we need to make decisions about texts, on a daily basis, regarding the deceptively simple question “but is it a poem” – or, perhaps better still, “but is it art”? Many concepts have been tried out: from notions of ‘faulty poems’ to ‘rhythmical prose’, from ‘commaticum’ to ‘affective prose’. Considering the implications and subsequent ramifications of such classifications It is high time to challenge traditional narratives and approaches.

In this context, we organise a workshop, inviting scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and traditions to join us in our desire to gain a significantly more complex and robust understanding of the aesthetic limits of Roman poetry.

Proposals should include (i) name and contact details of the proposing party, (ii) title of the proposed contribution (as well as a statement on whether this is intended as a paper, a poster, or either), and (iii) an abstract of no more than 300 words.

Submissions will be accepted in all official languages of the AIEGL (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) and will be reviewed by the MAPPOLA team.

To the Call for Papers

Deadline: May 31st, 2021


Abbildung des MAPPOLA-Logos

Logo von MAPPOLA. Abbildung: AGAPE / Tina Hobel