The rich variety of activities at our Department covers research questions concerning the political, administrative, social, economic, military, religious, legal and cultural history of the ancient Mediterranean area and neighboring regions. 

Traditionally, fundamental research in epigraphy and papyprology has been of outstanding importance in Vienna.

A special focus is placed on the edition, commentary and evaluation of antique written sources, alongside the historical evaluation of the literary tradition. At date, direct connections with archeology exist in the cases of Ephesus and Kibyra (Asia Minor), Austria Romana, Etruria and Sarmizegetusa Regia, the capital of the Dacians. Due to the great range of approaches represented at the Department, a wide spectrum of historical, philological and archaeological methods are employed.

The number of third-party funded research projects based at the Department reflects its lively research activity, as well as the attractiveness of the Departmentas a place for research, and can be seen by the numerous new publications.

In addition, the Department is involved in the research environment of Vienna in many ways. Within the university, joint activities (guest lectures, lecture series, publications, conferences, projects) are regularly organized with around one dozen other neighboring departments.