The Department of Ancient History, Papyrology and Epigraphy at the University of Vienna explores
the history of the Mediterranean area and its neighboring regions during Greco-Roman antiquity,
from the onset of a written tradition up to the transition from late antiquity to the early middle ages.
Its broad range of research activities covers issues of political, administrative, social, economic, military, religious, legal and cultural history. Regional and chronological key areas are: Old Italy (especially the Etruscans and Umbrians), Asia Minor during Hellenism and the imperial period, Egypt during the imperial period and late antiquity, and the Danube-Carpathian region during Roman times and late antiquity, as well as Roman Austria. Other topics of interest include: the history of Athenian democracy and Sparta, federalism in the Greek world, the political history of the Roman Republic, the religion of the Celts, and migration and identity in the Roman Empire, as well as the reception of antiquity and research history.