The Department of Ancient History, Papyrology and Epigraphy is a renowned, internationally leading centre for the research of cultures and societies of the Mediterranean and other regions of Europe in Antiquity. The department has a specific focus on Italy, the Danube and Balkan regions, Asia Minor and Egypt.

Our activities cover the entire timespan from the Late Bronze Age to the beginning of the Early Medieval period (c. 1000 BCE – 700 CE). In addition to the traditional core topics of classical studies – Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire – our teaching and research also focus on the epochal, cultural and geographical connections with neighbouring peoples, cultures, societies and periods. For our activities, their presence and documentation in literary sources and in the material culture of Greek, Roman and Etruscan Antiquity are especially significant. We also examine the subsequent history of their reception and research.

Worldwide rankings regularly emphasise the exceptional excellence of our department in an international comparison. It is based on four pillars: (i) our comprehensive activities in editing, publishing and conferences, (ii) our long-standing, successful engagement in the acquisition of third-party funded projects, (iii) the offer of an attractive place for guest researchers and students from all over the world to carry out their projects and receive further qualifications in the heart of Europe, profiting from Vienna’s unique scientific environment with inspiring and dynamic research surroundings, an excellent library as well as a vivid and internationally staffed department, while perhaps also receiving funding from one of the various programmes (e.g., OeAD), and (iv) the education of highly qualified scientific young academics.