Our profile and mission statement

We are an international team of scientists researching the history of the Mediterranean in the heart of Europe. Visiting researchers and regular collaborations with external lecturers enrich our work environment.

The particular strength of our department’s research lies in the great diversity of our examined subjects as well as the synopsis of special disciplines of Ancient History, which provide a comprehensive approach to the ancient world. This embedding in an interdisciplinary framework is an outstanding feature of Vienna as a centre of science and research.

Our department sees itself as a centre of communication for classical scholars by promoting scientific discourse and a form of teaching, that is open to new ideas. Currently, around 130 people are studying Ancient History and Classical Studies at the University of Vienna. In addition to a solid education, our department offers a wide range of insights into current research through the participation in events and excursions.

Foto von Dr. Victoria González Berdús bei Studien im Kunsthistorischen Museum

Dr. Victoria González Berdús during research in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna. Photo: P. Kruschwitz