Range of studies

The study of Ancient History deals with Greco-Roman antiquity. In addition to the historical context, the department focuses on source studies (epigraphy and papyrology). In the course of your studies, you will also gain insights into more in-depth areas such as military history, Greek and Roman literature, Etruscology, numismatics, history of religion, etc. Exciting courses such as the interpretation of ancient literary sources provide important foundations for critical work and opportunities for guided and independent immersion in the subject matter.

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Bachelor of Arts

Ancient History and Studies in Classical Antiquity

Degree Programme Code: 033 607

Duration: 6 semesters / 180 ECTS credits (including 60 ECTS Credits of extension curricula)

Requirements for admission:
Secondary-school leaving certificate
Latin prior to admission

Supplementary examination during the degree programme:
Additional exam in Greek during the degree programme (if you attended Greek at a secondary school after the 8th grade for at least ten hours per week, the knowledge is taken as given).

Language: German

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Details and admission
General information about the STEOP

Master of Arts

Ancient History and Studies in Classical Antiquity

Degree Programme Code: 066 807

Duration: 4 semesters / 120 ECTS credits

Requirements for admission:
Completion of a previous degree (bachelor’s degree) in a related discipline.

Language: German

Degree: Master of Arts (MA)

Details and admission
About the Master's thesis

Doctoral/PhD programme

Ancient History

Degree Programme Code: 792 310

Duration: 6 semesters

Requirements for admission:

To be able to apply for a doctorate, the applicant must hold a master's degree in the intended field of research.

Degree: Dr. phil.


Extension curricula [EC]

The programmes offered are aimed at students of other fields of study who wish to expand their knowledge in Ancient History.

Language: German

Extension curricula offered at the University of Vienna