Roman History

The field of Roman History comprises a timespan of over a millennium and deals with the political, administrative, social, juridical and cultural constitution of a region spanning across three continents (including offshore islands) during its greatest extent.

The main topics of our research in this field concern political history, the administration and organisation of the Roman Empire as well as its social, economic, juridical, cultural and environmental history.

Geographically, the central themes are the following: Roman Austria, the Danube and Balkan regions as well as the entirety of Southeast Europe, but also Post-Pharaonic Egypt, influenced by Graeco-Roman culture.

Our special focus lies on Late Antiquity, and in our work, the disciplines of Papyrology and Epigraphy play an important role. This is expanded by our emphases in the area of Etruscology and Italic Studies as well as Cultural History.

Foto des Forum Romanum

Forum Romanum. Photo: R. Czeitschner