Do my interests match the study of Ancient History?

It is often difficult to decide in advance whether one is suitable for a degree programme or not. To help you, here are some questions that prospective ancient historians can best answer with yes:

Main areas of interest

Am I curious about the history of the Romans, Greeks and Etruscans? Would I like to know more about life in ancient times?

Past and future

Do I wonder what impact the past has on the present? Do I want to know how people deal with history?


Am I prepared to engage in other cultures and thoughts without prejudice? Am I open to other results with plausible arguments?


Do I wish to learn reading inscriptions, papyri and other ancient sources? And do I want to know how these sources help answering historical questions?

Affinity for languages

Do I enjoy learning languages? Can I imagine analysing ancient texts in terms of language and content?


Do I like to solve tasks through a critical-analytical approach? Am I capable of organising thoughts and putting them down in writing?